During the 2016/17 financial year, NAC Board approved 26 grants with a commitment of MK6.3 billion. Out of the approved grants, 10 were granted to public sector organisations including the Ministry of Health, one to the private sector, eight to civil society organisations and seven to faith based organisations.
Below is the detailed list of approved grants

# Name of Grant Recipient Organisation(GRO) Sector Approved Amount
1 Malawi Police Service Public Sector K 23,456,345.05
2 Lighthouse Trust Public Sector K 30,222,016.06
3 Anglican Council of Malawi (ACM) Addendum Faith Based K 14,781,250.00
4 National Association of People Living with HIV and AIDS in Malawi (NAPHAM) Civil Society K 875,229,450.00
Grants Total(MK) 943,689,061.11